Who are we? SHOUT IT LOUD! is part of the Concrete Promo family, who have garnered more than 10 years of experience specializing in Dance music PR. We pride ourselves on working with clients on a personal level, really getting to know them as artists in order to gain the best results. ​

What can we offer you?

●  Unlimited tailored posts on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter - Using our expert knowledge of what works best on each social media site, we will create a variety of tailored posts specifically playing on the strengths of each platform.

●  Engaging Instagram stories - We’ll create Instagram stories to keep your fans constantly up to date and create a buzz surrounding your project.

● DJ Feedback posts - We can extract some of the biggest DJ feedbacks coming in on your release and share these far and wide as part of your weekly posts.

●  Daily tracking of any mentions your project - Tracking any radio play or exciting news to relay to your following.

●  Reports - There will be a bi-weekly report detailing the campaign results so far

●  Communication for artist & management - We are only an email/phone call away should you ever have any queries!

●  Promotional posts on Concrete Promo - We will post weekly about your project on the Concrete Promo socials.

●  Paid promo on Facebook & Instagram - Paid promotional adverts to reach the widest audience possible.

●  Expert branding knowledge - We will use our extensive branding knowledge to carefully plan the best way to aesthetically market your social platforms as a brand.

●  Repurposing old content - We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to constantly be churning out fresh content, therefore we can redesign any of your old content to be more suitable for current marketing.

●  Soundcloud & Spotify - We can take care of these profiles on your behalf.

●  Engagement with fans - We can engage with your fans through comments & DMs.

●  Engagement within the dance music community - We can engage with the fanbases of similar artists to attract new fans to your page.

●  PRIORITY STATUS OPTION - This means that your project takes priority status over everything else for us!

If you would like any more info about any of the packages, or you would like to chat about how these packages could help improve your social media presence, please contact Beth  -  beth@shoutitloud.biz


Registered Office: Concrete Promo Ltd, Bristol, BS4-4HF

Tel. +44(0)7970 579 633