Why Choose Concrete Promo?


First & foremost we get results and we're highly recommended by a long leading list of record labels, producers, label managers. Our reports speak for themselves as do our second to none testimonials and global feedback and communication effort. Whichever campaign you decide to take out you will have direct contact with the Managing Director of the company who will personally advise you and guide your product in the most effective way possible.


Our weekly detailed updates are sent to you each and every Sunday which allows you to absorb everything ahead of the Monday morning rush allowing you time distribute everything to your sales team, label manager, distributors so everyone can hit the ground running at the very start of the week. 


We work with our clients not just for them. We love interacting, guiding and consulting and make sure that you are kept well up to date with all the progress that we make on your releases or career moves. 


Our MD has nearly 30 years' worth of experience in the dance music promo sector and along the way has become extremely well connected across the globe. This allows us to tap into extra avenues and ensure we provide that extra push that many others can't achieve. 


By providing you with a group of highly effective, key services allows you to simply create the music then hand it over to us and we'll take care of everything. You can then forget about having to speak to multiple individuals. From mastering stage right through to to distribution with plenty of promotions on route, we've got your covered!

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Registered Office: Concrete Promo Ltd, Bristol, BS4-4HF

Tel. +44(0)7970 579 633